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How to get random Tags of WordPress?

To get the random tags of WordPress you just need to make a function like below and save it in your themes/child-themes functions.php file.
Have a look of below code--

function random_tag_abhinesh(){ $a=get_the_title(); //search the tag by the order of first letter of page title ex- page title is A then the tags which is started from letter A $a = strtolower($a); $tags = get_tags(array( 'hide_empty' => false, 'orderby' =>'count' )); shuffle($tags); foreach ($tags as $tag ) { if(strtolower(substr($tag->name,0,1)) !=$a){ continue; }?> <a class="link-of-tag" href="<?php echo get_tag_link( $tag->term_id ) ?>"> <div class="name-of-tag"><?php echo $tag->name ?></div></a>


Technology /CMS       :   WordPress
Task                             :   Html/PHP To WordPress Conversion
Client                           :   Teodor
Special                        :   Pod casting Website
Website Link              :

A website which has more then 500 pages and a more then 100 mp3 files needs to be developed on WordPress. This job was successfully completed. Client is an famous book writer. Please visit to  to have a look of my work.


Url : Technology/CMS : Wordpress, Html, Js, CSS Client Name : Nav  Awarded As : Freelancer