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Octane Detailing

Octane Detailing offers complete mobile detailing services to Northern Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We use a combination of proven techniques and car care products to provide you and your car with the best possible results. Website Url : Technology ,CMS Used : Wordpress ,  Html  ,  JS ,  CSS Builded From : Scratch Client : Alexander ,Upwork

Best Seekars

Website Url : Technology ,CMS Used : Wordpress Builded From : Scratch Client : Jan Dirk Awarded At : Upwork

Museum Hack

We lead live, VIP tours of awesome museums; top 10 on Trip Advisor with 1400+ 5 Star Reviews. Tours include sassy "insider" stories about the art, activities in the galleries, selfies & sometimes wine (and more treats when the guards aren't looking). You can choose tickets for a public tour or create a private "team building" tour for your friends, family or employees. We've done team building tours with hundreds of companies, including Google, Facebook, KPMG, LEGO & Chipotle.


Xscend Detailing, LLC is a mobile auto detailing company that specializes in vapor steam detailing, paint restoration, ceramic coating, and paint protection film services. The co-founders, Suat Dasdemir and Nasir Dasdemir, have been servicing the South Bay Area, Peninsula, and Santa Cruz community since 2013. As authorized installers, the Dasdemir brothers bring their know-hows and use industry-leading products to deliver the ultimate auto surface care experience to your door. Website Url : Technology ,CMS Used : Wordpress , Html , JS , CSS Builded From : Scratch Client : Alexander ,Upwork

How to Enable/ Disable Comments At Once WordPress

Find Posts --> All Posts  Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard. Find Posts --> All Posts Click on the checkbox on header ( In Just Right Panel) that is --> Title Choose Edit under the Bulk Action drop-down and then click APPLY . The bulk edit area will appear (See below Image) Edit under the Bulk Action drop-dow Select the categories   for which you want to enable / disable comments, status, format and others.     Choose the proper action from drop-down ( Bottom right in above image) Click the UPDATE button on the far right That’s all you have to do.