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World Quotations .Com

Header- World Quotations.Com By Abhinesh Tripathi Main Content Area-- World Quotations.Com By Abhinesh Tripathi Footer -- World Quotations.Com By Abhinesh Tripathi Technology/CMS WordPress Website Link Client Private Awarded At Upwork Specification Custom Child Theme based website.

How to get random Tags of WordPress?

To get the random tags of WordPress you just need to make a function like below and save it in your themes/child-themes functions.php file. Have a look of below code-- function random_tag_abhinesh(){ $a=get_the_title(); //search the tag by the order of first letter of page title ex- page title is A then the tags which is started from letter A $a = strtolower($a); $tags = get_tags(array( 'hide_empty' => false, 'orderby' =>'count' )); shuffle($tags); foreach ($tags as $tag ) { if(strtolower(substr($tag->name,0,1)) !=$a){ continue; }?> <a class="link-of-tag" href="<?php echo get_tag_link( $tag->term_id ) ?>"> <div class="name-of-tag"><?php echo $tag->name ?></div></a>


Deproverbio.Com ,Developed By Abhinesh Tripathi Technology /CMS       :   WordPress Task                             :   Html/PHP To WordPress Conversion Client                           :   Teodor Special                        :    Pod casting Website Website Link              : A website which has more then 500 pages and a more then 100 mp3 files needs to be developed on WordPress. This job was successfully completed. Client is an famous book writer. Please visit to   to have a look of my work.


Url : Technology/CMS : Wordpress, Html, Js, CSS Client Name : Nav  Awarded As : Freelancer