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How to Enable/ Disable Comments At Once WordPress

Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard.Find Posts --> All PostsClick on the checkbox on header ( In Just Right Panel) that is --> TitleChoose Edit under the Bulk Action drop-down and then click APPLY . The bulk edit area will appear (See below Image)Select the categoriesfor which you want to enable / disable comments, status, format and others.Choose the proper action from drop-down ( Bottom right in above image)

Student Progress Card :Online Software

We have recently develop and sell our web based Online Student Report Card Software which enable the school management team to print the report card on their office and can integrate the modules to provide online classes and notes for their pupils.

It reduces the class teacher's effort to make manual  report card of each students and the possibility of error. It suites best to all type of schools and institutes.

If you are interested in this please contact us to get full information and tutorials of this website and help us to provide best services which suits you best.


Xscend Detailing, LLC is a mobile auto detailing company that specializes in vapor steam detailing, paint restoration, ceramic coating, and paint protection film services.
The co-founders, Suat Dasdemir and Nasir Dasdemir, have been servicing the South Bay Area, Peninsula, and Santa Cruz community since 2013. As authorized installers, the Dasdemir brothers bring their know-hows and use industry-leading products to deliver the ultimate auto surface care experience to your door.

Website Url : Technology ,CMS Used : Wordpress, Html , JS, CSS Builded From : Scratch Client : Alexander ,Upwork